Pup Stacker! Doggon' fun stacking game with Pugs, Hounds, Shih Tzus, Poodles, and Dachshunds. 3 different levels. Art design by Toru Sanogawa. 
Cupcake Bakery Select a pre-made cupcake or bake from scratch. Satisfy your sweet tooth with plenty of yummy toppings and frosting. Grab a plate and eat up!

Cookie Bakery Yummy cookies baked, decorated and eaten by you. Select from plenty of mouth-watering toppings and various cookies. What makes this App. unique is the hand-painted art by Toru Sanogawa. 
Little Bear Preschool 1st App. from Hamster Wheel Studios. One-of-a-kind art design by the talented Toru Sanogawa, a Japanese artist. Keep the kids busy with gorgeous, specially crafted graphics, matching, opposites, counting, puzzles, and colors. 

Super Pug!  Help Butter, the Super Pug, earn bones, treats, and paw prints for extra life. Avoid pesky cats and chow down on power-ups for super speed. It's a bird, it's a plane, it's SUPER PUG! Support Pugs N Pals (a pug rescue organization dedicated to saving pugs and small dogs / )
Donut Bakery Who doesn't love donuts? Enjoy this simulation App. and make your own homemade donuts. Forget about calorie counting, decorate and eat up! Original hand-painted art by Toru Sanogawa. 

Alpha Animals! 
Our 2nd App. has arrived in the iTunes Store. Kids will be mesmerized with this fun, intuitive, and easy to use Alphabet tool. Art design by the famous Toru Sanogawa.